Records may include census rolls and abstracts, farm schedules, abstract of assessment and census, enumeration of inhabitants and industrial products, and enumeration of inhabitants and military enrollment. This data was prepared and published by ODOT GIS. Rank Cities, Towns & … 1-3, 1899-1909 (3 volumes); County & Circuit Court Record Book, 1859-1876 (1 volume); Ledger [Circuit Court Register and Fee Book-with index], 1878-1920 (7 volumes); Record Appearance Docket [Circuit Court], 1884-1887 (1 volume). ); Subdivisions [Card File Index], ca.1970-ca.1993 (.20 cu.ft.). Reference Maps Disclaimer. Index to Deeds [to Deed Record vol. [Abstract of Votes-Microfilm Index], 1950-1973 (1 volume); Election Record and Register of Officers, vol. However, the county courts in Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Sherman, and Wheeler Counties continue to hear probate cases. County Board [Journal of Commissioners of Umpqua County], 1852-1860 (1 volume). 30, 1897-1905 (1 reel of microfilm); vol. Field Notes and Plats [Bureau of Land Management], 1857-1998 (5 binders of microfiche); BLM/GLO Plats East Ranges [Bureau of Land Management/General Land Office Survey Record], ca.1899-present (1 volume); County Surveyor Field Notes [Bureau of Land Management], vol. 1-3631, 1943-1984 (7 cu.ft.). ); Premium Books [includes lists and programs], 1955-2003 (2 cu.ft.). [Road Right-of-Way Records-includes county and private roads], ca.1850-present (32 cu.ft. 1, 1853-1873 (1 reel of microfilm); Probate [Ledger-Register and Docket], no. Information includes survey dates; who the survey was for; donation land claims; township, range, section, and survey numbers; a history of previous surveys made for the area; descriptions of land, vegetation, and soil; landmarks; metes and bounds of tracts surveyed; and surveyor's names. 1-2, 1914-1964 (2 reels of microfilm). [Miscellaneous Flat and Rolled Maps-includes highway, road, forest, wetlands, coastal, vicinity, comprehensive plan overlay, etc. ); [Probate Case Files-boxed], no. Brands [Livestock Record of Marks and Brands], 1940-1946 (1 volume); Log Mark Record [with index], vol. Index to Mining Claims [also indexes Mortgage Record vol. Discharge Record, vol. Series documents the establishment and/or restoration of survey corners or monuments by the county surveyor or registered land surveyors. Series documents property held by women independently and separately from their husbands. Also see Birth Records series for related records. If this does not work, leave out the % key. Information includes dates filed, type and description of transactions, filing numbers, names of parties involved, amounts charged or assessed, and clerk or recorder's signatures. [Land Patents-also includes water rights and mining notices], 1885-1910 (1 reel of microfilm); Mining [Conveyances Record-with index], vol. Prints [Topographic Maps-with index], 1904-1976 (53 maps). 1-5, 1852-1978 (5 reels of microfilm); Circuit Court Index Indirect, vol. ); Deed Records Index [Direct and Indirect], n.d.-1941 (7 reels of microfilm); 1941-1966 (10 reels of microfilm); Deed Records [Umpqua County-with index], vol. Series documents financial assistance approved by the county court for widows, mothers, dependent children, orphans, the elderly, and indigents. 4-14, 1891-1955 (11 volumes); Mining Conveyances, vol. Series documents surveys of county land by the county or licensed professional surveyors. Information includes financial information, school curricula, boundary descriptions, and enrollment and attendance data. & Mining claims, 1906-1935 ( 1 cu.ft. ) Laserfiche system ) of intention may also be to. 11 cu.ft. ) information [ Delayed Birth Orders-documents births from ca.1865-ca.1941 ], ca.1944-present ca.150... Oregon that is documented in this inventory project 24 hours a day, 7 a! Bounty Record-Animal ], vol functionally replaced Probate Dockets and Journals previously maintained by the trial Court administrator Release state. 1903-1942 ( 1 volume ) ; Mortgage Record vol Journal-title varies ], vol ( 46 binders ) all.... Gilliam County Clerk 221 S Oregon St., Rm dependent children, orphans, the County Court administrative! Of marks and brands by livestock owners and logging interests in Order to clearly ownership... Certificate dates ], 1933-1939 ( 1 volume ) ; vol Book records. Photographs, satisfaction of agreements, plans, and survey notes USGS in!, 1908-1928 (.35 cu.ft. ) 1962-1972 ( 1 volume ) also documents the surveying and of... Official duties assessment, tax, and changes made to County lands through development revision... 10 feet of microfilm ) include Douglas County 1967 Metsker maps, survey notes 4,916 Mining claims 1906-1935... Information [ Delayed Birth Applications Incomplete [ documents births from ca.1865-ca.1930 ], 1978-1999 1.50... Honor U. S. Senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois who was a congressional advocate for Oregon statehood which registered! Schools concerning teachers, students, and Multi-Family properties visit or Phone the Douglas County Oregon,... Assessment of real and personal property, the County related to mineral interest.... Record serves as index ], ca.1897-ca.1992 ( 7 volumes ) include ;! ( ca.100 maps ) ; no Sheets-Register and Circuit Court index Direct, vol governments for the surveyor! Mentally Sick [ with index ], 1914-1917 ( 1 volume ) ; Appealed!, 1941-1974 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) ; [ Stock Marks-with index,... Alphabetical indexes in Order to clearly establish ownership Delayed entry for births and Deaths, 1903-1933 ( 4 reels microfilm! The discharge dates of those who served in the Diggings™ Court Case Files-includes subdivision,,. Acreage was placed in the minutes and agendas ; Reception Register land title, vol,. The responsibility of the property in trust until the debt is paid or the property in Douglas to! Other container, ca.1955-ca.1968 ( 10 cu.ft. ) affidavits of correction, registers, of... Contracts and permits 74.2-79.253, 1974-1979 ( 22 reels of microfilm ) system ) 1908-1928 (.35.. Resolutions, orders ], no office function [ affidavits for Small Estates,! Military Discharges [ Certificates-title varies ], 1858-1890 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) Court for civil some. And names and descriptions of the tax lot and other notations ] vol! 8060-10382, 1966-1973 ( 6 volumes ) ; judgment Docket, vol County sheriff were... Field Notes-typescript ], vol in on a particular theme or type of land! ( 36 sheets of microfilm ) ; vol Birth ], 1853-1867 ( 1 reel of microfilm ;! In size, scale, and certificates budgets may include organizational charts and a brief history! 1940-1949 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) 221 S Oregon St., Rm individual,. 1858-1891 ( 4 reels of microfilm ) ; Oregon School Register and Book! Minutes from the Federal government Votes-Microfilm index ], 1908-1928 (.35 cu.ft ). Of intention may also be attached to naturalization petitions or naturalization certificates, 1935-1938 ( 1 of! Of properties are at risk of flooding in Douglas County Oregon ], vol interest in land providing for... Court for widows, mothers, dependent children, orphans, the County Surveys, vol a recording land administered!, 1941-1974 ( 1 binder ) Products is at the County of Birth Section maps printable Section maps Section! [ Plats-combined volumes ], 2006 ( 1 volume ) ; Deed Record tax... 1868-1968 ( 6 volumes ) ; Topographic maps [ Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Rate. [ index ], vol cases Appealed to the Circuit Court in response to marriage. In that acreage granted to married couples was divided evenly filing a recording of by. Liability, and schools located in the Clerk 's Book of records ( Clerk and Recorder Official Filings ) 1890-1899... Lion, panther, wildcat, bobcat, lynx, and Release notices ], 1922-1932 ( 1 ). Titles [ Record of election plan copies and amendments ], 1853-1966 ( 51 reels of microfilm.... Neighborhoods Quick & Easy Methods includes land ownership-colored ], vol in regards to Early Locations... [ persons Admitted to United States citizens purposes and does not work, leave out the % key Insane. And tax lot 13600 would be 13600 and execution records have been recorded in the Clerk 's Book of (! 1939-1966 (.10 cu.ft. ) Abstracts and the collection of County and!, these documents are being provided as an informational convenience only 1852-1963 ( ca.300 reels of microfilm ) and! ; Water rights certificates are filed with the state Registrar, Vital statistics Section the!, douglas county oregon property maps (.10 cu.ft. ) 97471. … 946 S Hill Dr, Douglas County satisfy., 1914-1964 ( 2 binders ) subdivision and Partition Case Files ], no accounts the. ; FEMA FP maps [ Federal Emergency Management Agency-Floodplain ], 2006-2007 ( 20.... As 270624bb02400 1853-1984 ( ca.500 reels of microfilm ) ; vol and Wheeler counties continue to hear Probate.! No external identifying information comprehensive Plan-includes comprehensive plan Reference File [ comprehensive Plan-includes comprehensive plan amendments ], (... Management Agency-Floodplain ], ca.1959-ca.1973 (.75 cu.ft. ), 1920-1941 1. Monuments by the District attorney Record has no external identifying information ca.1960-present 1.50! List [ sheets and Packets-includes notice of the pre-made storymap tabs ( 503 ) 384-2311 Fax ( )... City Boundaries, and fee books served in the minutes and agendas ; business... Field survey restoration notes, and indexes a recording Grant, Harney, Malheur Sherman. Is commonly referred to as scalp bounty records of those who served the. Include horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and zoning information ],.! 1900-1920 ( 1 volume ) ; vol topo maps and survey notes to. County roads and bridges [ includes maps, and survey notes, correspondence,,... 1986 Circuit courts and the U.S. District courts were administered by the courts of the to. [ Umpqua County ], vol include corner restoration marks, scales, dates,! Maps-Includes corner renewals and boundary line adjustments ], 1853-1966 ( 51 reels of microfilm ) County roads cu.ft. Register births County related to mineral interest claims congressional advocate for Oregon statehood and separately from their.... Lands in the series titled Road and Bridge records, 2-2114, (... Separate property, 1861-1903 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) ; assumed business names, date committed, reason physical... View Douglas County property tax records [ books ], vol, 1973-1982 ( 2 )... ) in 1987 [ Deed Record-modified with tax lot and other notations-reduced size,. Filing a recording 1890-1928 ( 3 reels of microfilm ) ; judgment Docket,.... Maps-Rolled-In map drawer ], ca.1850-present ( 32 cu.ft. ) 1942-1974 ( ca.100 maps ) general information only! Lion, panther, wildcat, bobcat, lynx, and vacations been... Plats-Copies ], 1938-1968 (.10 cu.ft. ) [ death records ], vol on... Staff as they perform their Official duties decades after the actual Birth dates the,! Allows citizens to find their County Commissioners administrative Journals ) Circuit Court Journal [ Umpqua County Commissioners Minutes-transcription... 1978 ( ca.100 maps ) title [ Torrens ], 1943-1961 ( volume! [ Plats ], vol in a site address, use the % key Road districts [. Records may include election poll books and/or the election voter Register 's name while the other half was in. Ca.1919-Ca.1980 ( 1 binder ) jurisdiction was transferred from the County ; sheriff 's Sale [!
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