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 Exemplary Holdings invests between $25k-$100k in startups across the energy, financial, healthcare, social, internet, mobile, and technology markets. These are situations where we meet special founders who have a unique insight on the customer problem and a novel idea for addressing that pain point. Please reach out to Aman Thapar.


HiGear is a private car-sharing club for luxury and sports cars. You can rent amazing cars from real people like you in your city. Members can share and rent luxury cars from each other within a trusted, secure community of car enthusiasts. Members typically enjoy prices that are 50% off or more, and also generate extra income by making their cars available to other members when not in use.


Ginzametrics is a subscription-based, software as a service (SaaS) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management and analytics dashboard. Created by Ray Grieselhuber to bring the power of enterprise search marketing platforms to a wider market


Fitocracy is the game you play to improve your fitness. Play it to track your progress, compete against your friends, and get real results in your physical fitness. Facebook for fitness!

To play, just enter your fitness activities on the Track page every day. As you enter your activities into Fitocracy, you'll earn points. Over time, you'll earn enough points to get to the next level. Leveling up means you've been keeping up with your fitness. But watch out, every so often leveling up unlocks a special challenge. Beating the challenges and leveling up means you're making progress.


EduLender brings students and their families comprehensive, real-time, unbiased access to student loan terms and availability. EduLender's student loan search engine collects rates, fees, and terms for over 500 loan products daily, automatically determines a borrower's eligibility, and computes an apples-to-apples comparison for eligible loans. EduLender OnePay for student loan consolidation helps borrowers by algorithmically determining the best way to consolidate federal student debt and making it simple to e-file. In Q2 2011, EduLender will allow borrowers for the first time to apply for any student loan - federal or private - via a single Common Application. Through our commitment to completeness and neutrality when displaying information and recommendations, EduLender is earning a reputation as a trusted name in education financing. Check it out at http://www.edulender.com.


On StarStreet's simple person-to-person trading platform (starstreet.com/trading) you can invest in players and make real money based on their performance. If you're a sports fan, StarStreet is your best way to put your money where your mouth is, and make real money, in a really fun way.

StarStreet, an officially licensed product of the NFL Players, Inc., was founded by Jeremy Levine and is also backed by SV Angel (Ron Conway's firm), Jarrod Yuster (Merrill Lynch's ex-head of electronic and global trading), Rishi Nangalia (Goldman Sachs' head of trading product), TechStars and a strong group of individual angel investors and advisors.

Krossover Intelligence

Krossover Intelligence is a New York City based technology company with a focus on the online video search industry. The company's first vertical of choice is the sports world, with the aim of helping to raise the level of competition through technology innovation. Krossover's flagship product, the Krossover Sports Intelligence Platform is the first of its kind, allowing coaches to search through their video footage, and dynamically generate statistics, all in an online platform. Krossover is a company built on a passion for sports, and our dedication to bringing out the best in teams, is what truly sets us apart. To that effect, Krossover is enabling sports teams around the world to use their video intelligently and to analyze their players and competition like never before. Krossover is changing the way athletes play the game, and giving fans the ultimate experience.

Magister Technologies

Unlike virtually any other start up, Magister's new predictive technologies give an investor the ability to participate in a diversified portfolio of businesses that encompass everything from investment management, financial and economic consulting, human resource and employment services, relationship matching, sports analytics, weather analysis, software as a service, mobile apps, lead generation, recommendation systems, location based services, fashion and art design, the creation of a new real money backed virtual currency along with virtual goods and services, payment processing, and behavioral advertising to an entire consumer network.

Auro Holdings Pvt Ltd

a holding company in Sri Lanka with strategic investments in power sector.

Fishing Wadiya Pvt Ltd

owns 25 acre beach frontLand for development of 150 room 5 star resort

Paganini Holdings Ltd

Investment in 4 star resorts in Maldives.

Bunny Holdings BVI Ltd

Owners of SonevaFushi a 6 star resort managed by Six Senses Group





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