Some of the indicators include responsiveness, quality, efficiency, reducing inventory, ensuring compliance, reducing maintenance, flexibility & innovation, and costs and profitability. How the menu works . Key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics can assist security teams and senior management with strategic … In addition, while KPIs often reflect best practice recommendations, they can consider anything a business chooses to measure. id="slide-23-layer-4" data-height="none"

Closing the Loop on Compliance

Although KPI compliance can be incorporated into most aspects of a business, they most often apply in revenue generation, cost control, process improvement and customer satisfaction areas of a business. data-paddingbottom="[12,12,12,12]"

Propeller contains a host of powerful management reporting capabilities and dashboards to provide deep insight into areas such as compliance, engineer performance, customer satisfaction, access rates, first time fix rates and much more. Invite the team to join you.

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At a time when scrutiny into safety and compliance are at an all-time high, these dashboards provide service managers, compliance managers, directors and board members with direct access into the actual state of compliance and performance across all vital areas including – Gas, Oil, Electrical, Water, Fire, Asbestos and any other relevant area of compliance. data-paddingright="[35,35,35,35]" Certain compliance …

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  • As you can see, the guts behind this dashboard are now pretty unwieldy: several dozen “lines of data” all feeding into one interface for the chief compliance officer to read. However one certainty remains: the requirement to report fi nancial and non-fi nancial key performance indicators.

    Real-time Contract Performance


    24/7 Compliance Visibility

    Common configurations include a map of exposure incidents by location, sum of missed days due to illness, and percent compliance with virus mitigation techniques. id="slide-23-layer-3" Custom business intelligence dashboards from OpsDog. Now all of our e.g. It will help you measure loan growth progress against goals.